Sunday, 4 September 2011

MEIJI - Baby Milk Powder

Hi all! I believe most of you know that Japanese brand baby milk powders produced in high standards for precious babies. This is what we recommend you to buy for your babies. This is not heaty and not expensive (compared to other brands).

They will love it!! ^___^Please click the link below and check out other online seller's price of this milk powder.

Code: Hohoemi (850g)
Description: For 0 - 9 months
Price: RM 140

Code: Step (850g)
Description: After 9 months
Price: RM 100

Friday, 2 September 2011

Collagen - Shiseido

YES! It's Shiseido! Something to share with you all here.
I can't believe it when my I saw the product in a pharmacy in Japan. This is because Shiseido is a very well known Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand worldwide. I have never thought that they launched an anti aging collagen drink called “The Collagen” into the Japanese market. ;-)  According to the sales assistant, besides Meiji Amino Collagen, it is another popular brand there. Lets check it out now and read the reviews by clicking this link.

Shiseido - The Collagen (box)
Price: RM 200 (each box consists of 10 bottles)

Shiseido - The Collagen (3 bottles)
Price: RM 75

Shiseido - The Collagen Powder (packet - 126g)
Price: RM 110

You can hardly find a website which is selling this product. I found one and the price of 10 bottles (in a box) is more expensive than our price here. Click and see.. ;-)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

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