Friday, 2 September 2011

Collagen - Shiseido

YES! It's Shiseido! Something to share with you all here.
I can't believe it when my I saw the product in a pharmacy in Japan. This is because Shiseido is a very well known Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand worldwide. I have never thought that they launched an anti aging collagen drink called “The Collagen” into the Japanese market. ;-)  According to the sales assistant, besides Meiji Amino Collagen, it is another popular brand there. Lets check it out now and read the reviews by clicking this link.

Shiseido - The Collagen (box)
Price: RM 200 (each box consists of 10 bottles)

Shiseido - The Collagen (3 bottles)
Price: RM 75

Shiseido - The Collagen Powder (packet - 126g)
Price: RM 110

You can hardly find a website which is selling this product. I found one and the price of 10 bottles (in a box) is more expensive than our price here. Click and see.. ;-)

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