Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bring me "BAG"! (part 1)

Good day, everyone! Let me bring you to the world of "bag" and get you to know some of the Japanese famous brands, which are worth buying!! =)

Now, sit down and relax.... Slowly scroll down this page and enjoy checking out the latest design here.
If you are interested or if you have other Bluelabel design that you'd like to buy, kindly send me a message or an email, I'm pleased to assist you.
Arigato gazaimasu.

Burberry Bluelabel

This is an exclusive brand of Burberry that can be found in Japan only! The designs and materials are all from Japan. Very special and unique! When you go to Japan, never go for Burberry London (buy it in London.. very cheap), LV(Paris lah..), Long Champ(also Paris ..), etc.. =)

When most of the foreigners travel in Japan, they will definitely go to Burberry Bluelabel and Blacklabel shops. Because the price is not expensive, affordable and most importantly it is made in Japan. You can't buy it in other countries. So, don't miss it! ;-)
The latest designs in this summer:

Code: BBL 01
Price: RM 1,770

Code: BBL 02
Price: RM 1,380

Code: BBL 03
Price: RM 2,950

Code: BBL 04
Price: RM 2,760

Code: BBL 05
Price: RM 1,870

Code: BBL 06
Price: RM 1,720

Code: BBL 07
Price: RM 1,380

Code: BBL 08
Price: RM 1,870

Code: BBL 09
Price: RM 1,280

Code: BBL 10
Price: RM 1,380

Code: BBL 11
Price: RM 2,310

Code: BBL 12
Price: RM 1,867

Code: BBL 13 
Price: RM 1,280

Code: BBL 14
Price: RM 2,310

Code: BBL 15
Price: RM 2,310

Code: BBL 16
Price: RM 1,180

Code: BBL 17
 Price: RM 1,870

Code: BBL 18
 Price: RM 1,474

Code: BBL 19
Price: RM 1,770

Code: BBL 20
Price: RM 1,380

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