Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Collagen - Meiji Amino (Japan's Product)

Hey ladies! I believe most of you are well aware of the benefits of collagen. Everyone has been talking about it since few years ago. You know, I used to have a wrong perception that only rich women can afford drinking it. So, I did not take the initiative to find out more about the collagen products until the day my colleague asked me about Meiji Amino Collagen.

I was so happy to know that Meiji is selling collagen products. As we all know, Meiji is a well established company in Japan. It is very famous of chocolate and snack with excellent quality of ingredients. Now, the company is competing with hundreds of brands in the collagen market and I think it has made it! The reason being they are now the No. 1 seller for an amazing 6 consecutive years in Japan! Besides, they are the best seller in Singapore! (Check out more about Meiji Amino Collagen.) ^__^

The price is not expensive at all (available here). You can buy it at the lowest price from us! Isetan is selling RM 160 per packet while other online sellers are selling at around RM 120 per packet (see the website below).

Price: RM 130

Price: RM 120 (per packet)
*the lowest price among online sellers*

If you would like to start drinking it, you are required to buy a can, which supplies for 28 days and also a refill pack, which is for 30 days. Each refill pack is sufficient for you to drink up to one month. But, why must we buy the can? This is because it comes with a measuring scoop, which is very convenient! Every morning, you add one scoop of the amino collagen in your hot or cold drinks and drink it. So simple and great, isn't it? ;-) Lets have a try if you have no idea which brand you should go for and if you have a low budget, it is really worth buying.

My personal comment: 
I trust Meiji and I have been drinking the Amino collagen for about a year now. Well, not that I see any significant improvement in my skin or my weight, but it’s like a health drink for me. It is similar with the vitamin C pill that you take every morning, you don't feel anything that you can see. I guess it’s like a maintenance programme for me. To help replenish the collagen in my body as I aged, my body produced less collagen.

Oh ya.. don't worry about the taste since you can add it in any kinds of drink. Once you have mixed them, it becomes tasteless. =)

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